Had a great time at Big Beat with Matoma getting all caught up over some slices.


It was an honor to shoot for multiple artists at Hyte NYC there is really no other show like it. Techno's heaviest hitters squared off for an unforgettable experience. 


Now working as a North East distributor for Nectar Eyewear we are working on a little product placement.

Shadowing Black Coffee

It was an honor to be requested to shoot and shadow video for Black Coffee during the 2016 Coachella Festival. His talent never ceases to amaze the people he performs for.

Flying High

Working with cinematography production companies I developed an aerial HD capturing blimp with 3 axis stabilization. The blimp can fly safely over heads for hours all while streaming live footage back to giant arena screens, think of the possibilities. No more heavy expensive booms to capture overhead crowd footage.


ANTI-SOCIAL Brooklyn underground tour has taken me in as their newest addition for photography at Output The Roof and TBA Brooklyn.

Never Stop Pushing

Funny how much you can get done in a year! Here is an example of all the interviews, cover shots, and center spreads I have done in 2015.